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Excited to share the NEWS! 

More wonderful "Reverse Colouring Book (C)" products to get and share! Grab a pen, find a few moments that are just for you and spend a moment in retreat... OH, what a TREAT!

Go check out the books available on - Volume One - Inside My Lines and Volume Two - Line-Ology have been very popular.

Would you like to try a RCB meditation?  Print this image off in colour, grab yourself a fine point pen or even a black pencil crayon, and take a few moments of idle doodle, placing lines where you feel like you would like to see them or tracing around shapes or colours that are interesting.  Feel the freedom of losing yourself for a few moments in play.  Do you feel the zone?  Did you feel time pass or did you realize that time had passed quickly.  There is healing in unplugging in this way.  Try it!  Then, if you want, look for spontaneous images that you will recognize... turn the paper and see what you can see.  I'd love to hear all about it.  

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Background of Colours to play with

My image for you to download!

This is my FREE image for you do download and use for a meditative practise. If you download in black and white you can colour it as well for an extra layer of play but the idea is to print into colour image and use a black fine point pen or pencil to draw lines around areas/colours that you find interesting... to lose yourself in mindless relaxation for whatever amount of time you have available. If you do not wish to see recognizable images forming just turn the page a quarter turn and keep in the zone. Eventually, when you stop and reflect on what you have added you will usually see something familiar like a house, or an animal or a face! Or, maybe nothing at all. All options are great because it is that space of FLOW that we are really looking for.

I would enjoy hearing your experience and to see your images... that is the MOST exciting part for me because every person finds a different result! We are unique after all !

Enjoy 😊